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RE: using DMSL ????

Hi, I've posted here XSLT grammar for conversion of DSML to LDIF,
it can be found at http://runner.ascs.muni.cz/LDAP/dsml2ldif_xslt.txt .
I'll be pleased if you give me soem feedback on it, I'm using it
only on my data.

On 21-May-01 Praveen Acharya wrote:
> Hi,
> we r planning to use DSML as our standard for input / output for ldap..
> any tips,comments regarding softwares...sdks, links etc..would be helpful 
> for us ...
> also any help on formating DSML using XSL will be of great help...
> we r using openldap with netscape ldapsdk...
> thankx in advance
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