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Need a good LDAP book - which one?

         I've installed ldap 1.2.11 on FreeBSD 4.3 release, read the
pages @ openldap.org and read the sections about ldap in the Oreilly's
Perl for System Administration book.

        I've managed to bring the daemon up, make simple queries, and
create a few records by using the tools found here to create prototypes.


    What I am hoping to accomplish with it is this:

    storage of user ID, password, and possibly some other bits of
    freeradius authentication via LDAP
    qmail authentication via LDAP

    I'm a tolerably good unix admin, I've written a line or two of perl
over the years, and I am comfortable twisting the knobs on freeradius
and qmail. I'd like someone to recommend a book, preferably a good thick
one, which will give me All Of The Power(tm) over OpenLDAP - does such a
thing exist? Or am I really going to have to read RFCs & source code, as
has been suggested by an LDAP guru I know?