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schema checking

Hi all,

I have some problem with the mechanism schema checking. I'im testing the
schema checking  by trying save an entry of type Country in LDAP, in this
entry I give
objectClass = country
c = "1234"
that mean the countryName is longer than 2 letters (that is required by
attribute c) , normally LDAP won't accept this object, but that is strange
that the new entry is created with the value of attribute "c " is exactely
First I think, the schema checking is off but I have verify with the file
configuration dsserv.conf (I use Sun Directory Service, corespondant file of
OpenLDAP is slapd.conf ), it is written "schemacheck on".
I remembered there is more than one timethat I test the mechanisn schema
checking in this way and the previous  time all are right, that means I
can't not creat new entry of object class Country with c="1234" or any
aString longer than 2. So every thing is now strange.
I wonder if there is any other configuration wich can turn off the "schema
cheking" that we have set on the configuration file of LDAP ?.
Can any one tell me a way to get the value of "schema check" by programming
(I use JNDI) so that I can get the value of schema checking in my program to
verify if it is really on or off.

Thanks in advance for all your help

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