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PF_LOCAL in getaddrinfo (ldapi:///)

I was trying to compile OpenLDAP 2 with support for ldapi:///
which uses the PF_LOCAL family. However, I've discovered that
the PF_LOCAL entry in getaddrinfo is ifdef'd out in FreeBSD.

This is the relevant code for /usr/src/lib/libc/net/getaddrinfo.c

#if 0
	{ PF_LOCAL, 0, ANY, ANY, NULL, 0x01 },

This causes a getaddrinfo call made by openldap with hints.ai_family
set to AF_LOCAL to fail with an "ai_family not supported" error

I tried it in Solaris and get the same error (I don't have Solaris's
source code so I coulnd't check if it was not defined).

Is this an error in the way OpenLDAP uses getaddrinfo or is there
a reason for the OS's not supporting AF_LOCAL in calls to getaddrinfo?



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