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Re: does chase_v3_referal runs with Netscape Address Book?

Daniel Cheah wrote:
> Hello Kurt,
> Saturday, July 14, 2001, 11:14:01 PM, you wrote:
>> KDZ> Status: U
> KDZ> Suggest you use LDAPv3.  LDAPv2+ search references appear to be broken in OpenLDAP 2.0.
> KDZ> At 09:39 AM 7/12/2001, Ignacio Coupeau wrote:
> >>I waste a lot of time testing a Distributed Directory service, but at
> >>las I think the wrong side is the Netscape Address Book.
> >>

I played a bit more:
The problem remains if the subordinate bases are in the same server
because one of the referrals "chased" returns data but the others no,
but the default (superior) referral is the same, so the loop is served.

1. Main server (M) and a secondary serverB with three bases (o=A, o=B,
o=C ...)
a. The search in the main base-server (M):
server M: searching a dn in (dc=org,dc=country) returns referrals to
other server/port:

b. If the dn is in the base o=A some value is returned __and__ the
search in the bases o=B and o=C returns a superior referral, then the
loop (goto #a) remains.

2. Different servers:
The main server M points with subordinate referrals to three servers (no
to a server with three bases):
I think if the bases are in different servers (serverA, serverB,
serverC) the return don't incude other referral:
the serverA (o=A) returns a value
the serverB (o=B) returns "not found" __not__ a referral...
the serverC (o=C) returns "not found" __not__ a referral...

---end of the example----

Also,in the Netscape Communicator I fixed the version in the prefs.js to
3 and the scope, but the loop remains. 
The only solution is search with the full base (o=alumni,dc=unav,dc=es)
instead the main (dc=unav,dc=es) or remove the superior-default
referrals... but in some cases returns an "object not found" if the
first referral doesn't return.

... and other advice: the url in the address book may be malformed
because the URI maintains keeps the original name server instead the new
one: the data fetched are ok but the web page says: object not found
because the link points to the wrong server.

The programs in C (ldap_search) runs perfectly (and the ldapsearch)
playing with the scope and the version also, but you need take care with
the referrals returned if the superior referral is set because the loop
is served.

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