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Re[4]: Database Creation Problem

Hey nichol,

Thursday, July 19, 2001, 3:13:24 AM, you wrote:

napc> Kevin

napc> I noticed one other thing. I haven't tested it with OpenLdap but I know 
napc> that other LDAP implementation will object to uid=michael in the DN while 
napc> you have uid=rdrunner in the attributes. As minimum it is confusing, but 
napc> I'm also fairly sure it's against standards.

napc> Aidan

Yeah, I noticed this afterwards.  I know Michael personally (small world I
guess), so I figured it was easier to just help him off the list than to
keep posting stuff here.  I also forgot to mention to include the nis.schema
file for the posixAccount objectclass.  Oh well :-P  Thanks though.