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Re: New to list: question about High Availability

""Curtis Bond"" <Curtis@wagerworks.com> wrote twice...
> After searching the archive I was hoping to find out what people are
> currently doing for High Availability for OpenLDAP.

running slapd on two sp2-nodes, replicating the whole db from one to the
other, load balancing is done with an alteon l4-switch.

> Basically we are a high volume e-commerce site and are using LDAP for
> transaction authentication and user login. We have a ratio of about 90
> reads to every write with current volume of 300,000+ transactions per
> day which will increase to 1,000,000+ once the site is ramped up.

what exactly do you mean with "transaction" here..? or what does 1
"transaction" mean in this case..? (in approx.  LDAP-read/write-requests..)

> The big problem is the replication. As the number of changes happening
> would seem to slow down the system if the data was being replicated at a
> rate that would be sufficient that if a server went down you'd maybe
> only lose the data for a few transactions.

if you're that anxious about write performance and safety, why using LDAP at