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Client authentication using certificates


	I have looked all over the mailing list archives and searched the
web without being able to come up with a concrete answer to my question.

	Is OpenLDAP 2.0.X capable of authenticating clients by the SSL
certificate that they present to the server?  I found an archived message
that stated No 
( http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200007/msg00241.html )
but this post was prior to the release of the 2.0.X series.

	I basically want to store a list of certificates in the LDAP
server and write a client that will present a certificate to the server
and I would like the server to be able to determine if the client's
certificate is in the list of certificates on the server.

	If this is currently not possible, I would appreciate people's
opinions on how feasible it would be to add this functionality to slapd.


Matt Maynard
4B CS University of Waterloo