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RE: problems with large groupOfUniqueNames (ITS#1181)

Kurt, All,

I'm having similar problems - can anyone give me a rough idea of how to
guesstimate the appropriate limit for a given size entry - specifically, an
RFC2307 posixGroup with N memberUid attributes of X bytes? (N~20000, X~10)

Also, is it true to say that outgoing PDUs are not size limited, so an
ldapsearch on such an entry will correctly return the entire entry?


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2.0.8 and later restrict the incoming PDU size to 256K.
You likely are exceeding this list.  You can raise it
by setting sockbuf_max_incoming (in slapd.conf) to a
more appropriate limit for your environment.  The
directive takes one argument, a size limit in bytes.

The next release will include a separate
sockbuf_max_incoming_auth directive to set a
different limit for authenticated users.  The next
release will also include updates to slapd.conf(5).