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Re: some questions

At 09:11 PM 7/12/2001, jone kkkk wrote:
>hi all
>i got some questions i am using openldap version
>1.2.9-5 kindly help by answering or pointing me where
>i can get detailed description on how they work
>1) does ldap support the ALL ID index treshold


>2) the search algorithm is soundex or metaphone or
>what    how it works. is it same for with backend as  
>         mysql,GDBM or it differs.

soundex or metaphone depending on configure settings.

>3) how is the incache memory maintained

See source code.

>4) where to get more information about clustering with
>   LDAP .

I assume you mean LDAP replication...  For 1.2, I'd start
with the U-Mich LDAP Admin Guide.  See the Software FAQ for a
link to the U-Mich LDAP site.  There is also tons of answers
in the archives of this list.