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Re: maintaining uniqueness of uid across subtree's

Sovan_Shatpathy@satyam-infoway.com wrote:

> Is it possible to achieve the same objective through referrals ??? If so then
> how ??/

Sorry, I missed the referrals part of your posting.
At a first glance yes, you should be able to do something
similar by means of referrals; I'm not so good at playing
with referrals, though. The point is that with
referrals the client is responsible of following them;
with the "meta" solution the fact that your DIT is
divided in different backends is hidden behind the
"meta"; you can make it very efficient by using "ldapi://"
instead of "ldap://"; if it resides on the same host of the
hidden backends and so.

Cheers, Pierangelo.

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