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Re: DN with "'s

Valentijn Sessink wrote:

Hello list,

I happen to have an entry in my OpenLDAP (2.0.2) server that has:

dn: cn="Some Name", ou=contacts, .....
cn: "Some Name"

Now AFAIK this should be either

dn: cn=\"Some Name\", ou=contacts, .....
cn: "Some Name"

... or an entry with "bogus" (but not illegal) "'s, so equivalent to

dn: cn=Some Name, ou=contacts
cn: Some Name

However, the latter should be searchable with

ldapsearch -v -h localhost -b 'dc=openoffice,dc=nl' '(cn=Some Name)'

It is not, I need to specify '(cn="Some Name")', which suggests that the
attribute *is* actually a \"Some Name\" (back slashes for clarity here).

Now I'm all confused. Is this an OpenLDAP anomaly or am I wrong assuming
that "Some Entry" needs back slashes? The "Understanding and
deploying..." (Howes, Smith, Good) says so.

Can anyone please comment on this? Is this a bug? Is it solved in 2.0.2++?

This might be a normalization issue of 2.0.2, I didn't go back and check.
At present, if the `cn' your entry is `"Some Name"' (I'm using single quotes
to quote), then the `dn' must be

dn: cn=\"Some Name\", ou=contacts, ...

and the `cn' must be

cn: "Some Name"

so you definitely need to search it with

`(cn="Some Name")'

You should upgrade to 2.0.11 anyway...


Dr. Pierangelo Masarati	 mailto:ando@sys-net.it
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