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Re: schema - netscape

Terry Davis wrote:
> Hello.
> I am trying to learn by building a simple schema for a
> netscape address book.

There is a purported example of how-to at:


> Do the attributes have to have certain names for the
> address book to recognize them?  Is this documented
> somewhere so that I can go read about this ?

I'm not clear on this either.  I used the PADL migration
tools to read my Linux "/etc/passwd" file (and others)
into the directory.

All my users have the 4 objectClasses shown in the example
[top, person, ogranizationalPerson, inetOrgPerson], and
most of the attributes.  I have:  cn, mail, uid, givenName,
and sn.  I do not have: o, telephoneNumber, homephone, or

Netscape refuses to search the LDAP directory with an
error of:

  Failed to search 'ldap.truedisk.com' due to LDAP
  error 'No such object' (0x20).

- Don