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RE: FreeBSD problems

At 11:59 AM 7/6/2001, Patrick Childers wrote:
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>From: Kurt D. Zeilenga [mailto:Kurt@OpenLDAP.org]
>Sent: Friday, July 06, 2001 2:08 PM
>To: Patrick Childers
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>Subject: Re: FreeBSD problems
>Well, reall my main question was why does this work in Linux, and not
>FreeBSD with the same versions?

I would think maybe they aren't actually the same version.
You've already demonstrated schema differences... the question
which begs for an answer is what else is different.

Did you build both from sources obtained directly from
OpenLDAP?  with similar options?

>> I note that your LDIF shows a couple of obvious problems,
>> first the entry has not a clear structural object class.
>> The structural object class of an object is determined
>> by examining the superclass chains of all listed structural
>> classes and selecting the ONE class which is not in the
>> superclass chain any other class.
>I'm still a little new to ldap, so this is a little over my head.

One of the first things you'll learn about LDAP is that
many aspects of it will go over your head.  Don't worry,
read (see FAQ for resources) and ask questions.

>> That's an object class violation.  slapd
>> doesn't check for this violation yet.
>If slapd doesn't check for it, then there must be another error right?

Yes.  You might poke about the server logs...