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RE: manage DSA IT control and C API

At 11:01 AM 7/6/2001, Mark Whitehouse wrote:
>Thanks, passing the control via the client control parameter worked.

You were using the client control parameter,
I suggested using the server control parameter.

from ldap.h:
  LDAP_F( int )  
  ldap_modify_ext_s LDAP_P((
    LDAP            *ld, 
    LDAP_CONST char *dn, 
    LDAPMod         **mods,
    LDAPControl     **serverctrls,
    LDAPControl     **clientctrls ));    

which is consistent with the latest IETF LDAP C API draft.

>At 02:39 PM 7/2/2001, Mark Whitehouse wrote:
>>  ldap_modify_ext_s(ld, dn, attrs, 0, ctrl);
>   ldap_modify_ext_s(ld, dn, attrs, ctrl, 0);