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Re: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org

> On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Amit Chaffee wrote:
> > I have my server set to only allow users to access the directory after
> > they've authenticated. Outlook Express works fine with this, but Netscape
> > and Mozilla clients have trouble logging in.
> >
> > what do I need to do to allow Netscape and Mozilla clients to gain
> > access to my directory with a username and password? Which attributes
> > do these clients need access to to authenticate? (I ask this because I
> > see in the logging information that searches to authenticate using the
> > "mail"  attribute.) Also, what would users need to put in the User ID
> > field: DN, mail, uid?

Netscape uses an email address as a search filter against the mail
attribute and then uses the located entry's DN along with the entered
pasword to bind to the server.  In cases like these, it is a good idea to
set loglevel for 256 in slapd.conf and view the filters used by the

cheers, jerry
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