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Debian: PAM LDAP + OpenLDAP 2.x solution

Hey guys,

    Sorry for the massive post here, but I asked very similar
    questions on all these lists.  I finally got my problem fixed,
    and figured I would share my results with each of the lists, in
    case anyone else asks.

    You're all probably gonna laugh when you here what I did to fix
    the problem: "# apt-get source libpam-ldap; cd
    libpam-ldap-VERSION; debian/rules binary".  Yeap, I recompiled
    just about everything (postfix, cyrus-sasl, etc. etc.), but I
    never thought to recompile pam-ldap.  My best guess is that the
    .deb was built from openldap 1.x files.

    Thanks to all that helped.  I still have a couple kinks to work
    out, but I'll take those problems to the appropriate lists.  Hope
    this info can help someone in the future.