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PAM and LDAP Problem

Hi there,


Not sure if this is the right place for the question, but I’m certain someone out there must be using it.


I have set up my ldap server, and its working fine.  I can log into my RedHat 7.0 linux box using an LDAP account with no problems. 


I have tried to establish groups in my LDAP directory as well.  I am using a tool called directory_administrator and its working great.  It creates the following in my ldap:

dn: cn=mygroup,dc=dinmar,dc=com

objectclass: top

objectclass: posixGroup

cn: mygroup

gidnumber: 2005

uniquemember: uid=ndressler, dc=dinmar,dc=com


The problem is, my Linux box doesn’t seem to recognize these groups.  I’ve implemented the PAM modules from padl.com as per their instructions (although they are using a version 2 of ldap, while I’m using version 1.2.12 (because I need samba support in there as well). 


I created a directory called /groups/mygroup.  I chowned it to chown –R :2005 mygroup, and chmod –R 770 mygroup.  When I log in as ndressler, it gives me an access denied to the directory.


I’m not sure where to begin looking – any hints? 


Norm Dressler