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Re: unix groups problem


i use rh 6.2/openldap1.2.11-1/nss_ldap155/pam_ldap118
as well as rh 7.1/openldap2.0.7/nss_ldap155/pam_Ldap118.

both work fine with multiple groups. an id call returns all
groups the user is member of and i can change between
the groups without password.

have you added the ldap source to the groups database in


On Thu, Jul 05, 2001 at 02:18:28PM +0200, Marcin Radecki wrote:
> I don't know if I should send this post to this list,
> (maybe I should go somewhere in www.padl.com), forgive me if so.
> Problem arise when my user belongs to several unix groups.
> (config is: linux rh6.2/openldap2.0.11/nss_ldap155/pam_ldap118)
> When user login to system, 'id' command returns only one
> group corresponding to attribute 'gidNumber', eg:
> >uid=501(zyzio) gid=1501(group1) groups=1501(group1)
> but user belongs to 'admins' as well. I cannot switch to that
> group ($newgrp admins) without password as it usually can be done
> if user belongs to that group.


Thomas Hager


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