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RE: special characters

Thanks Michael,

Which tool(s) can I use for convert my file in UTF8 ?
Why slapadd does not convert automatically ISO-8850-1 to UTF8 ?


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De Leeuw Guy wrote:
> The ldif file produced by the 2.0.6 is not compatible with the slapadd
> V2.0.11.
> see the error
> str2entry: invalid value for syntax

It's probably not the LDIF. I guess that OpenLDAP 2.0.11 is more
strict with checking the syntax than
2.0.6 was. You have to correct these entries first.

Looking at your example (in Python):
'cn=Koch G\xfcnter, ou=D\xfcsseldorf, o=Wirtschaftsvereinigung
Stahl, br=External, o=Eurofer, c=be'

Well, you have encoded the german umlauts as ISO-8859-1 chars in
that DN. This is not allowed in LDAPv3. Sanitize your directory

Ciao, Michael.