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We, EnderUNIX Software Development Team has written a
software which does what vpopmail does with mysql but
with ldap (We have developed it with OpenLDAP).We will
soon make a web based administration interface for
that software(as qmailadmin).Here is description of
our project licensed under BSD


Andre Oppermann <opi@nrg4u.com> has a patch that makes
qmail to get user's account information from an LDAP
database. The web page, and installation instructions
are located at: http://www.nrg4u.com

Qmail is a very robust, powerful, fast MTA. When
integrated with Andre's ldap patch, it becomes also
quiet 'scalable' because of the built-in clustering
support of the patch.

However, the need for creating ldiff files makes life
difficult for qmail-ldap admins, that's why 
EnderUNIX has preapared several binaries for
manipulating ldap databases that hold qmail users'

So, what is QLDAPAdmin? It is a series of tools that
controls the LDAP databases which are used to store 
account information for Qmail users. It is written in

With the help of QLDAPAdmin tools, you can:

     create virtual domains
     delete virtual domains
     create virtual users
     modify virtual users
     change users' password, mailhost (for qmail
clusters), mailquota, mail directory etc etc...
     create alternate addresses for one maibox
     create forwarding addresses for one mailbox
     View users' information
     Delete users from LDAP database
     List all qmail domains
     List all users of qmail domains

The QLDAPAdmin binaries are:

     garib:~/qldapadmin-0.4.0beta# ls -l
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 31008 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 44154 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 29334 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 29773 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 26492 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 28919 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 47624 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 30886 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 30507 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 30539 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 32122 Jul 2 03:33
     -r-x------ 1 root wheel 28819 Jul 2 03:33

To download software:

For more Information :



PS:Thanks to openldap team for such an opensource
software that helped us a LOT to develop that

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