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MD5 Passwords

I am having problems binding to LDAP when I have md5 passwords in

For example, I have tried combinations of hashing a password, base64
encoding the password, etc.  like this:

echo blah | openssl md5 | openssl base64
which gives me:

And I store with the {md5} prefix.  I have tried using the {crypt} prefix,
and different combinations of hashing/encoding the password.

Why doesn't this work?  My configuration is as follows:
Debian 2.2r3
OpenLDAP 2.0.11
openssl 0.9.6
libmhash2 is also installed.

Can someone explain to me exactly what OpenLDAP 2+ supports as far as
password encryption is concerned?  I don't see anything in the documentation
and the only results I've found searching are regarding 1.x.  Any help would
be appreciated.

Blake Barnett
Sr. Unix Administrator