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RE: Core dump

Many thanks Daniel, now it's work fine !


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""De Leeuw Guy"" <G.De_Leeuw@eurofer.be> wrote...
> Hi All,
> Under AIX when I start the slapadd I receive this error :
> SrvT450: root# /usr/local/sbin/slapadd -l
> /ef/Dev/newdev/Aix/ldap/Save-vendredi.ldif -f
> /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf -d -1 -v
> slapadd init: initiated tool.
> segmentation fault(coredump)

try specifying --disable-shared and/or --enable-static for configure.
(one of these will help, at the moment i'm just not sure witch of  'em.)