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Re: Core dump

Are you using the 1.x versions of the Berkeley DB? These are the versions that come with the standard BSD distribution, I believe. I seem to remember in the Sleepycat documentation on Berkeley DB 1.x that they said certain compilers could cause core dumps in the DB. Have a look at www.sleepycat.com/historic.html. Here's the pertinent quote:
Finally, you should not upgrade your GNU gcc or Solaris compiler. Optimizations in versions of gcc 2 that were in alpha test in the summer of 1997, and a version of the standard Solaris WorkShop Compiler that was in beta test in the fall of 1997, trigger bugs in versions 1.85 and 1.86 that will cause sporadic core dumps.

On Friday, June 29, 2001, at 09:04 AM, Oliver Egginger wrote:

If you use an other OpenLDAP tool,
like ldapadd, ldapsearch and so on...,
spawns this a seg_fault too ?

If so, then there's the rub (probability).


Message from Fr 29 Juni 2001 13:40:

i have seen this on AIX as well, but if i use the libraries created in
other apps, they work fine...  did you use the AIX cc or gcc?

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Hi All,

Under AIX when I start the slapadd I receive this error :

SrvT450: root# /usr/local/sbin/slapadd -l
/ef/Dev/newdev/Aix/ldap/Save-vendredi.ldif -f
/usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf -d -1 -v
slapadd init: initiated tool.
segmentation fault(coredump)

Any Idee ?


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