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Re[2]: IANA Assign OID

Hello Jehan,

JP> Daniel Cheah wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just got my IANA number from IANA
>> for example 10012
>> So it is my organization OID is
>> then I will have to assign my own arc under this number , right?
>> Please help

JP> no ,

JP> read http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/schema.html about oids, it says:

JP> Just fill out the
JP> IANA form at http://www.iana.org/cgi-bin/enterprise.pl and your official
JP> OID will be sent to you usually within a few days. Your
JP> base OID will be something like were X is an integer.

JP> so your private oids will be in
JP> then below it you could add anything you want
JP> or follow openldap advices:

JP> Table 6.2: Example OID
JP>                                                         hierarchy
JP>                                               OID 
JP> Assignment 
JP>                                               1.1 
JP>                                                         Organization's
JP>                                               1.1.1 
JP>                                                             SNMP
JP> Elements 
JP>                                               1.1.2 
JP>                                                             LDAP
JP> Elements 
JP> AttributeTypes 
JP> myAttribute 
JP> ObjectClasses 
JP> myObjectClass 

        OK Thanks,
        I got two guestions,

        1. If I have multiple organizations, how do I assigned?
        is it for Organization A for Organization B
         and so on
        2. What is the range of numbers for each digit I use?
        examples to

        what is the maximum value I can use for X?
        and how far down can I go under

        example ?

This is for my reference only, I know that I will not use till that
also for my customer question (maybe)

Thanks in advance