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Re: general question : why keeping it so hard ?

I think the problem is the debug-output from the server.
If the Server rejects a query as a result of schema-violation,
he simply reports "object-violation" or that he don't know an
token as attribut, but which token ?!

It would be very nice if the server report these tokens,
also he should report which attribute cause a 

I think this expansion would be pretty simple
and help a lot.

personal note:
In my opinion schema rules are very useful.
If you don't have them you have to deal with
stray entries (entries without a predecessor), multiple entries, 
undefined attributes (which are actual tokens and no attributes).


Message from Wed 27 June 2001 14:28:
> I have just finished a fight with the new ldap v3 schema!
> Yes it is hard!
> Some guys have to meet and decide a standard!!
> Meanwhile we will hang on!
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> From: Prune [mailto:prune@lecentre.net]
> Sent: 27 June 2001 15:12
> To: openldap software list
> Subject: general question : why keeping it so hard ?
> Hi,
> This mail is a thought about LDAP.
> As databases went simpler and simpler over the past years, Ldap is still
> as complicated to use as X500.
> You all know what I'm talking about : Schema.
> As long as you use normal schema, there are no problem. But if you want
> to do something special...
> Moreover, Schema are not compatible between different ldap servers
> (netscape, openldap,...?).
> This question arize : What can be done to use LDAP without having to
> deal with Schema ?
> Of course, a good product, implementation dependant, could deals with
> Schema for you. Some kind of Schema constructor. I haven't found
> anything interesting yet :(
> I think Schema is THE thing that disable Ldap to be used at it's best.
> Even if LDAP V3 add some functionalities, it's still hard to use.
> I would really like to know what other people on this mailing list think.
> Maybe we are at the begining of a new LDAP_without_schema tool ?
> Prune

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