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general question : why keeping it so hard ?


This mail is a thought about LDAP.
As databases went simpler and simpler over the past years, Ldap is still as complicated to use as X500.
You all know what I'm talking about : Schema.

As long as you use normal schema, there are no problem. But if you want to do something special...
Moreover, Schema are not compatible between different ldap servers (netscape, openldap,...?).

This question arize : What can be done to use LDAP without having to deal with Schema ?
Of course, a good product, implementation dependant, could deals with Schema for you. Some kind of Schema constructor. I haven't found anything interesting yet :(

I think Schema is THE thing that disable Ldap to be used at it's best. Even if LDAP V3 add some functionalities, it's still hard to use.
I would really like to know what other people on this mailing list think.
Maybe we are at the begining of a new LDAP_without_schema tool ?


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