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RE: LDAP address book with Outlook

Hi Graham

Well I suppose I could take the easy way out and ask for a copy of the
relevent bits of the schema definition files! I am of course wary about
departing too much from the RFC/standards.


I guess that this info should also appear in the relevent FAQ/How-to... If
you are happy to let it be...


Bob Cameron
Network Administrator
LSE Technology (Aust) Pty Ltd

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> Hi Bob
> We've got a corporate LDAP server which our users point their Windows
> Address Books at (ie using Start -> Find People...). Most attribute fields
> in WAB get populated when you view the properties for a selected
> entry (ie I
> know which attributes in LDAP map to which fields in WAB). So I should be
> able to help you....if I could just understand your question?
> Objectclass is a bit of a red-herring...I think you'll find, for a single
> search word, Outlook (ie WAB) is doing a search like:
>  (| (cn=bob*) (sn=bob*) (givenName=bob*) (mail=bob*))
> Going on memory here so its probably not exactly right, but you get the
> idea. No mention of objectClass. I use access lists to limit user searches
> to certain branches (ie they can see entries under ou=people but not
> ou=servers)
> Like to try again?
> Graeme