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Re: str2entry: invalid value for syntax 1.44?

> >uncgemail: AAROE@UNCG.EDU
> if you look in point 6.29 and 4.1 of http://sunsite.dk/RFC/rfc/rfc2252.html,
> you'll find out that '@' isn't a legal character for this attribute's
> sintax. If openldap follows that (and some tests seem to indicate that in
> fact it does) then this might just be the error's source. Hope this may
> help.

I found an entry in core.schema for rfc822 mail. so the offending @
sign should be ok now. I re-ran slapadd...

/usr/local/sbin/slapadd -d 255 -l emp.ldif

and generated the same error. So some other entry must be causing the

Any ideas?