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Re: partial replication & slurpd

Dan Shriver wrote:

I have some questions about replication:
   1) I thought that the suffix entry in the slapd.conf would
restrict replication.
     For instance:
		      B   C
If 'A' is a master and contains subtrees "cn=leftHalf..." and
"cn=rightHalf..." but 'B' only contains the subtree
"cn=rightHalf" and likewise 'C' contains only the subtree
"cn=leftHalf".  I thought that to get this result you would make
'A' the master and 'B' and 'C' slaves and 'B's sufix would start
"cn=rightHalf..." and 'C's suffix would start "cn=leftHalf...".
When I did this I found that ALL entries added to 'A' got
replicated down not just the ones within the subtree specified
by the suffix.  What is the correct way to restrict replication
to a given subtree?

slapd.conf on A:
database ldbm
suffix "cn=rightHalf.."
replica host=<B>
bindmethod=whatever ..

database    ldbm
suffix      "cn=leftHalf.."
replica     host=<C>
            bindmethod=whatever ..

works fine..

     2) Is it possible to have a non-LDAP master.  I ask because
I would like to get a flat file (replication log) from a program
that querries another DB.  This replication log then populates
A... and everything below it.  Unfortunately it looks like the
only way to populate the master is with a direct request and the
replication log can only push changes down from an LDAP master
to its replica slaves.  Alternately is it possible to have all
my LDAP servers be masterless slaves (then the flat file puts
the changes on all the sites).

a slave without a master isn't a slave, i'd say.. but.. if you don't want to have a master, where exactly is your problem..? read that flat updatefile and add the changes to your appropriate ldapservers.. (that's what slurpd does too..) you also might want to write out your updatefiles in "replication-format" and let slurpd contact your "slaves".. might be worth a try..
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