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REQ: Scalability and efficiency (lots of questions)

Good day, people,

Many questions down here, I'm rather lame at LDAP.

Does/did anyone run OpenLDAP on Linux clusters?
What is the scalability of OpenLDAP? Can someone provide me with numbers?

What about efficiency? I found some tests online on
www.nwfusion.com. It seems OpenLDAP is rather slow.
Anyone experienced in tuning it to be faster?
Maybe these tests were run for some older - slower version?

Anyone implemented ~2 mln entries directory, each entry with
~100 attributes? What hardware was used?

Anyone has served ~10 mlns queries/day in gaussian distribution (one peak

What about Berkeley DB? Is it faster than Oracle? It's cheaper for sure :-)

Maybe you know other LDAP software priced per server (not per user!).

I'll be happy to hear any answer :-)

Lukasz Hankus