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JNDI, SHA and userPassword Searches

Hi, long time searcher, first time poster.

Quick Rundown:
RedHat 2.2.14
OpenLDAP 2.0.7
Java 1.3.0_02

Skill levels:
Java: good
OpenLDAP (or just LDAP): beginner

Ok, I am attempting to use OpenLDAP as the authentication
mechanism of our Intranet. I currently have a testuser
in my directory with known password stored with
userPassword: {SHA}BASE64String.

Currently, I can connect and search the directory with
no problems, until I try to use the userPassword attribute.

Simplified Process executed by a java program:
Step 1: Connect <ok>
Step 2: Search for username provided by user:
    ldapseach "(uid=login)" <ok>
Step 3: Reject or accept, reject return <ok>
Step 4: Search for username and password provided by user:
    ldapsearch "(&(uid=login)(userPassword={SHA}BASE64Guess))"

The kick in the pants is that when I System.out the {SHA}BASE64Guess,
copy & past it into a command line $ldapsearch I am given the proper

Or could my problem be in my configuration file?
Is this correct? From my slapd.conf:

access to attr=userPassword
    by self write
    by anonymous auth
    by dn="cn=admin,o=sd2" write
    by * none

(When I set the security stuff in Java I use the admin dn)

Any ideas? Any insights? Both much appreciated, thank you,


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