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AW: replication questions

> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Dan Shriver [mailto:dshriver@sharemedia.com]
> Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. Juni 2001 18:06
> Hi,
>    I'm trying to implement replication with OpenLDAP and am
> confused by the administrator's guide.
>    I've tried tinkering around and never get the correct
> results.  I've tried issuing ldapmodify commands to the slave
> and got the following 3 types of results
> 	-a message saying "referral" but no changes made to slave or
> master (close but no cigar)

right. you'll have to bind to the returned ldap url (your master ldapserver,
i hope..) your self. you will _not_ be "redirected" automatically.. (when
automatically following referrals, LDAP performs an anonymous bind, you'll
have explicitly rebind to your master)

> 	-changes directly made to the slave but not to the master

wrong slave config.

> 	-changes disallowed

uhm.. :o) obviously again something wrong, i'd say..

> I am confused about several points:
> -updatedn should be different from rootdn (right?) but if so how
> do I specify a password for it (updatepw in the slaves
> slapd.conf causes an error when I try to start it up).  Right
> now I've been using the rootdn (which for simplicity is the same
> on slave and master...)

you'll have to store the updatedn entry in both master and slave db. specify
'userpassword' attribute to authenticate.

> -I've been playing with "readonly" in the slave's slapd.conf
> (some messages in this list indicate I shouldn't be doing this-
> is that correct?)

that's not the way, right.
> -If I make an ldapmodify request to the client shouldn't it
> automatically spit back "I don't know how to do that but I know
> someone who does (the master)" and then the ldapmodify reissue
> the command to the master who then updates itself and the
> slave(s)? Do I need to specify -C (I did try this a few times,
> and it didn't work either), for ldapmodify to "chase" the
> referral?

hmm, are not sure about ldapmodify, but i think, you'll have to check the
server's response, and relaunch ldapmodify with the correct host flag.

> -The adminstrator's guide gives how to stop and start slapd but
> not how to stop slurpd.  Should I just 'ps -ef | grep slurpd'
> and then 'kill -INT <parent slurpd process>

that's what i do.. :o)

> -I've been looking for a much expanded version of the
> adminstrator's guide with no luck.

read up in the lists archives, mainly this one (openldap-software) was
_very_ helpfull for me all the time..

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