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Re[2]: Weird Error in Quick Start Guide

> BRW> --
> BRW> dn: dc=brw,dc=net
> BRW> objectclass: dcObject
> BRW> objectclass: organization
> BRW> o: Farthead Org
> BRW> dc: brw
> BRW> dn: cn=Manager,dc=brw,dc=net
> BRW> objectclass: organizationalRole
> BRW> cn: Manager
> BRW> --
> I'm no LDAP guru, but shouldn't there be an objectclass: top somewhere in your
> entries?

Possibly.  I am not an LDAP guru either.  But what you see above follows
the quick-start guide verbatim in step 11.  Is the quick-start guide

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