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replication questions

   I'm trying to implement replication with OpenLDAP and am
confused by the administrator's guide.
   I've tried tinkering around and never get the correct
results.  I've tried issuing ldapmodify commands to the slave
and got the following 3 types of results
	-a message saying "referral" but no changes made to slave or
master (close but no cigar)
	-changes directly made to the slave but not to the master
	-changes disallowed

I am confused about several points:

-updatedn should be different from rootdn (right?) but if so how
do I specify a password for it (updatepw in the slaves
slapd.conf causes an error when I try to start it up).  Right
now I've been using the rootdn (which for simplicity is the same
on slave and master...)

-I've been playing with "readonly" in the slave's slapd.conf
(some messages in this list indicate I shouldn't be doing this-
is that correct?)

-If I make an ldapmodify request to the client shouldn't it
automatically spit back "I don't know how to do that but I know
someone who does (the master)" and then the ldapmodify reissue
the command to the master who then updates itself and the
slave(s)? Do I need to specify -C (I did try this a few times,
and it didn't work either), for ldapmodify to "chase" the

-The adminstrator's guide gives how to stop and start slapd but
not how to stop slurpd.  Should I just 'ps -ef | grep slurpd'
and then 'kill -INT <parent slurpd process>

-I've been looking for a much expanded version of the
adminstrator's guide with no luck.  So far my best two guides
are the adminstrators guide (good but FAR to vague on MANY
points), and "Understanding And Deploying LDAP Directory
Services" (mainly philosophical- it doesn't help me much in
quickly getting things running, and it is too verbose... on the
philosophical/design points).

Here are my slapd.confs (I renamed the slave to SLAVE-slapd.conf
just so the attachments would be easy to tell apart)

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