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problem building openldap


I'm trying to build the openldap-1.2.11 package, on HPUX 11.0. I'm doing the

1. LIBS="-lpthread -ldbm" ./configure --enable-slapd=yes --enable-ldbm=auto

when I run the above command I get the following warning

configure: warning: could not find suitable ldbm backend
configure: warning: disabling LDBM

when I run make depend, I get the following messages

Entering subdirectory libldap
        ../../build/mkdep -l -d "." -c "cc" -I../../include
-I../../include   -DHAVE_CONFIG_H   bind.c open.c result.c error.c compare.c
search.c  modify.c add.c modrdn.c delete.c abandon.c ufn.c cache.c
getfilter.c sbind.c kbind.c unbind.c friendly.c cldap.c  free.c disptmpl.c
srchpref.c dsparse.c tmplout.c sort.c  getdn.c getentry.c getattr.c
getvalues.c addentry.c  request.c getdxbyname.c os-ip.c url.c charset.c
init.c strdup.c 
cc: warning 422: Unknown option "M" ignored.
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
   ber_free (code)
   ber_dump (code)
   ber_skip_tag (code)
   ber_write (code)
   ber_get_next (code)
   ber_dup (code)
   ber_peek_tag (code)
   ber_bvecfree (code)
   ber_alloc_t (code)
   ber_reset (code)
   ber_get_int (code)
   ber_init (code)
   ber_printf (code)
   ber_scanf (code)
   ber_flush (code)
Even though I get unresolved symbols, if I run make, to build the software.
Everything builds, except for slapd, the output during the build process

  Entering subdirectory servers
Making all in /auto/home/bai/openldap-1.2.11/servers
  Entering subdirectory ldapd
run configure with --enable-ldapd to build ldapd
  Entering subdirectory slapd
run configure with --enable-slapd to build slapd
  Entering subdirectory slurpd
run configure with --enable-slurpd to build slurpd

I've already added the --enable switches on the configure command, but this
doesn't seem to of made any difference.

Any input would be much appreciated