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logic of physicalDeliveryOfficeName -> dn describing it

So, I have started filling in the physicalDeliveryOfficeName attributes,
and I have a list of address and other generic information for our
various offices.  Is there a convention I could adhere to in this
regard?  I'm writing lots of things from scratch, and my reflex is just
to create DNs of an appropriate objectclass and stick them under
ou=Resources, but maybe someone else can tell me how civilized people
address this question.

I could also ask the question, more generally, of say, ou.  Say I wanted
to provide a mechanism for people to look up directory entries based on
an ou hierarchy.  Something like this:

 ou=Platform Engineering
  ou=Network Operations
   ou=Enterprize Servers

My instinct here was just to give people multiple ou attributes that
related to their ou hierarchy, but say I wanted to be able to grok the
ou hierarchy itself ...

Right now, I'm just doing uid=foo,ou=People,cn=domain,cn=com for all of
my users.  I like the flat structure here, as I can enforce unique UIDs
across my enterprize, and because we like to reorg every few months
anyway. :)