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Re: Optimizing OpenLDAP pam authentication (it's very slow)

Thus spake Matthew Gregg:
> But I no longer have memberUid in my LDAP. Should I index a
> nonexistent object?
> As my email stated, the PADL migrations scripts create ldif's that use
> the memberUid schema, but after some advice from this group I changed
> the migrations script to produce grouOfUniqueNames/uniqueMember
> schema.
> At the point that I was in fact using memberUid's I did have it
> indexed and had the exact same performance problem.

Did you have it indexed for presence or equality?  You have uniqueMember
indexed here for presence, which I don't think is enough--you need it
indexed for equality too.

> Does anyone know the correct "configuration" for nsswitch/pam
> authentication? Is it "memberUid" or "grouOfUniqueNames/uniqueMember"
> or neither?

RFC 2307 only defines memberUid, ont uniqueMember.

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