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sasl w/ 2.0.10

    I'm currently trying to reinstall sasl with openldap so it supports
authentication proxying, I did it a few months ago(With the cvs dev branch)
and it worked fine but I had to do some changes to the schemas and a little
one to the code itself (Mark Adamson helped me a lot).

    I downloaded the 2.0.10 version recently and was wondering if there was
a reason why supportedSASLMechanisms attribute is defined but not in the
"MAY" o object class? Also, why is saslAuthzTo and saslAuthzFrom still not
defined somewhere? I'm not very knowlegable about how openldap works and if
these attributes are "standard" so sorry if this question is dumb.

    And lastly, is there any documentation or "howto" about openldap/sasl ?

Thank you