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openldap patches

When exploring the OpenLDAP 2.0.7 src.rpm from RH7.1 I found that it was
patched with these:

Patch0: openldap-2.0.7-config.patch
Patch1: openldap-2.0.3-redhat.patch
Patch2: openldap-1.2.11-cldap.patch
Patch3: openldap-2.0.3-syslog.patch
Patch4: openldap-2.0.3-krb5-1.1.patch
Patch5: openldap-2.0.1-fast.patch
Patch6: openldap-2.0.7-norbert.patch
Patch7: openldap-2.0.7-sendbuf.patch
Patch8: MigrationTools-34-instdir.patch
Patch9: MigrationTools-36-mktemp.patch
Patch10: MigrationTools-27-simple.patch
Patch11: MigrationTools-26-suffix.patch
Patch12: MigrationTools-24-schema.patch

I know what the MigrationTools is for but the other ones are unclear to me. I
am installing 2.0.11 on RH7.1 from tarball -- do I need any of these patches?