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Re: LDAP and WinNT Authentication

Hi Dan,

Sorry. I dont know of any tool, that can be really used. But you can manage
it a liitle bit. In the Future I will have the same problem as you. Until
now I ve got this idea.
create the users both in openldap an Active Directory. Now write a cgi
Script for Passwort Changing. The Script
should work with transactions, so that when a password is changed, it
updates the M$ with unicode and the other
with md5 or crypt. The tools for making this should be there. But there is
the following disadvantage or nor. Its your
view. Users have to change passwords only with the cgi-script. The other
possibilities you have to prohibit.

On the other hand. You can wait until a dirsync project between openldap an
Ads is ready. But this can take a
lot of time.
I know this is only a little pice of directory synchronsiation. But its onto
the sysadmin to guide the user, I think.
Also I would really intersted in listening a lot of other people to hear
advices and comments.
This should be a generally propblem.

Waiting for comment,

Thomas Heil
Student  UFZ - Leipzig / Halle
EMail: heil@rz.ufz.de

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Subject: LDAP and WinNT Authentication

> Does anyone know how to synch passwords between WinNT and OpenLdap
> automatically w/out the user having to do it?
> Dan Jackson