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Re: root dse

Ronald Yii wrote:
> Is it possible to add root information into the directory so that I get
> more values back than the default objectclass values.

I guess there's a misunderstanding about root DSE here. The root DSE
is used to query some configuration data from the server. The
attributes are solely set by the server configuration.

E.g. namingContexts in OpenLDAP 2.0 is set by the suffix directive
in database sections of slapd.conf.

> I'm looking at the following attributes/values being made available 
> servername: devsrv
> namingContexts: o=devsrv
> defaultnamingcontext: o=devsrv
> defaultrnrdn: o=devsrv
> supportedExtension:
> supportedControl: 1.2.840.113556.1.4.319
> supportedLDAPVersion: 3

Some of these attributes are available in OpenLDAP but your LDAP
client has to explicitly request them with the search call.

Try e.g.:

ldapsearch -L -x -D "" -b "" -s base -h ldap.openldap.org
namingContexts supportedControl supportedLDAPVersion

Additionally OpenLDAP 2.0.x implements a pseudo attribute type + for
requesting all operational attributes: 

/usr/local/openldap2/bin/ldapsearch -L -x -D "" -b "" -s base -h
ldap.openldap.org "+"

See also:

Ciao, Michael.