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Re: Base question

John Weissberg wrote:

> In ldapsearch queries,  should the base (-b) always be the same as the
> suffix listed in the slapd.conf?

You must use a base that is a subtree of the directory you're searching.
You don't have to specify it any times, though, if you provide
appropriate defaults, e.g. in ~/.ldaprc, /etc/openldap/ldap.conf
(or wherever your build is looking for defaults).
You can also use the

defaultSearchBase    <base>

in slapd.conf to turn a -b '' with non-base scope into a default suffix.
You may finally set

suffixAlias    "" <your suffix>
suffix              <your suffix>
suffix              ""

to make -b '' alias your suffix (this should happen in the last backend,
otherwise any suffix in following backends would be intercepted by
the empty one.


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