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Siteserver LDAP

Hi all,

A couple of questions OpenLDAP.

There's a off the shelf application which creates containers and additional schema. This application (dsschemaconfig.exe) is originally designed to work with Microsoft Site Server LDAP.

(The following dump has been obtained via tcpdump)

From a packet dump, this is what I've been able to ascertain the application sends the following to the LDAP server.

BaseDN: Null
Scope: Base
typesonly: false
Filter: (objectClass=*)

On a Microsoft LDAP, it receives the following back:

ObjectClass: rootdseInfo
namingprefix: <none>
securityMode: self
realm: devsrv
cn: dseroot
currenttime: 123158205
subschemaentry: cn=schema,ou=admin,o=devsrv
servername: devsrv
namingContexts: o=devsrv
defaultnamingcontext: o=devsrv
defaultrnrdn: o=devsrv
supportedControl: 1.2.840.113556.1.4.319
supportedLDAPVersion: 3

Against, openldap, I get the following back:

ObjectClass: top
ObjectClass: openLDAProotDSE

Is it possible to get OpenLDAP to return a result set similar to what Site Server returns? I'm hoping it's something simple I can change (eg: class/object information) that will make it possible.

Appreciate any comments,