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Re: migration ldap v2 -> ldapv3

Fabrice Nouet wrote:
> Is a tool which can manage migration beetween base Openldap V2 to
> base Openldap V3 exist ?

To avoid confusion please be more precise when mentioning version
- OpenLDAP 1.x.x (implements LDAPv2)
- OpenLDAP 2.0.x (implements LDAPv3)

To answer your question: Regarding schema checking OpenLDAP 1.x.x
was not as strict as OpenLDAP 2.0.x is nowadays. Therefore your old
LDAP server probably contains values which were not schema compliant

I can't imagine a generic tool which knows enough about your data to
reliably sanitize it. You should consider writing your own
sanitizing script. During this process you have the chance to learn
*what* was wrong. This helps you a lot later with finding errors in
LDAP applications expecting mal-formed data...

Ciao, Michael.