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Re: Active Directory

Only part of the Active Directory tree is actually visible through
Microsoft's LDAP service. The rest is only accessible programmatically
through ADSI. Which means that if users are, by default, in containers
other than the Users container, you may not be able to search for them
using a straight LDAP solution. If other suggestions don't work, look at:



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I would like to use the ldapsearch program against a Windows 2000 active

Using UMich's ldapsearch, the following command returned *something*
but only sometimes, running it 3 times in successsion might have
returned results once if I was lucky:

 ldapsearch -v -h eng2k.uwaterloo.ca -s sub -b \
    dc=nexus,dc=uwaterloo,dc=ca  \

With the latest OpenLDAP downloaded today, I get no results at all. Well,
at least my results are consistent.

Any suggestions?