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Re: opendap sdk and ssl

Where is there documentation on "How-To" use the SSL features in the LDAP
library to be used by clients ?

In other words, I have an app that uses the ldap library to connect and
transfer data with the LDAP server. How does one get this app to open an
LDAP connection that uses SSL, reads and writes from the SSL connection and
closes the SSL connection.

Any docs anywhere ?

Is the 2.0.7 library broken in this respect ?

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From: "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@openldap.org>
To: <tarjei@nu.no>
Cc: <openldap-software@openldap.org>
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 9:18 AM
Subject: Re: opendap sdk and ssl

> The 2.0 libraries support both LDAP over SSL and LDAPv3 Start TLS.
> Kurt
> At 05:20 AM 5/24/01, Tarjei Huse wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Many different ldap packages (among them auth_ldap and pam/nss-ldap )
> >that the netscape sdk is needed to compile them with ssl support. Is this
> >true for openldap 2.0.x or is it just for the 1.2.x series?
> >
> >If no ssl support in the sdk exists, are there plans to include it?
> >
> >Also, what is the recomended version of the netscape sdk?
> >
> >Vennlig hilsen
> >Tarjei Huse