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Netmeeting directory

I have seen this same message posted in the archive but cannot find a

I am setting up a Netmeeting directory.  I have gone through the Linux
NETMEETING HOWTO and followed every step as described.

I was able to compile OpenLDAP and set up the netmeeting scripts and configs
in their appropriate folders.  My netmeeting clients can connect to the
directory, but are not listed.  Further, I am unable to add entries with the
nmaddentry script provided.

I was able to add some using ldapadd however.  If I scan the database files,
I can see those entries are in the database, yet they still do not show to
my netmeeting client.  Has anyone gone through this?

Help appreciated,

Daniel R. Houle
St. Lawrence Textiles Inc.
613.632.8565 x303
613.632.3725 fax