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problem using wildcard search

  i am new to openldap, i am performing a wildcard search from an  
enterprise javabean for a paricular   search.. with my customized
attribute 'lsmuserid'
  snippets of code below..

	private static  String MY_SEARCHBASE = "ou=lamcou,dc=mbt,dc=com";
        String uid = "didi123";
	SearchControls constraints = new SearchControls();
	NamingEnumeration results=null;
	results = initctx.search(MY_SEARCHBASE,MY_FILTER,constraints);

the code gives no searchresult find even though the ldapsearch tool
provided in openldap-2.0.8 shows the
results of the entries... 

am i making a mistake ? please help me cos i am in a serious time crunch

thanx in advance
with best regards