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Problem with dnattr..

I'm having an ACL that's not working out like I think it should:

access to dn="cn=.*,ou=lists,ou=people,dc=sysadminsith,dc=org"
        by group="cn=administrators,ou=security,dc=sysadminsith,dc=org" write
        by dnattr=owner write
        by anonymous read
        by * read

Where the record has:

# test,Lists,people,dc=sysadminsith,dc=org
dn: cn=test,ou=Lists,ou=people,dc=sysadminsith,dc=org
cn: test
objectClass: top
objectClass: go2List
listposting: Open
listmember: demo.man@sysadminsith.org
description: Test list
owner: uid=bobo,ou=people,dc=sysadminsith,dc=org
group: None
listarchive: Yes

And I'm bound to the directory as bobo.

I get "ldap_modify: Insufficient access" when trying to modify the record..
I've been beating my head against it for the better part of an hour now, and
I'm not sure what's wrong. 

Help? :) 


adam@sysadminsith.org - (http://sysadminsith.org)
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